Amala Lives Institute’s mission is designed to inspire, equip and empower at-risk individuals, families and communities through professional, educational and economic pathways. Amala Lives Institute values the importance of realizing, embracing and maximizing education as a vehicle to rising to a student’s full potential.



Amala Lives Institute believes that being a service to the community and impacting the lives and the communities that we live through education, self-worth and skillfulness are keys to a productive and successful life. Our vision is to utilize new-age education and innovative vocational training, as a major attribute that would lead one to a rewarding and professional career and potentially a position of leadership in our society. Our vision is to become a platform for growth for students and the community by teaching them to maximize their gifts and achieving the impossible!



Statement of Ethics

Amala Lives Institute does not participate nor condones erroneous, deceptive or misleading practices. Amala Lives Institute firmly believes in providing educational and vocational training to positively impact the lives of each student that we serve.